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Wedding to-do lists can quickly become a mile long. Whether you are someone who loves to tackle a long list of tasks or you prefer to leave that business to the professionals and just show up at your own party, we get it and we’re here for you. And because everyone is different, we approach this process holistically-- taking time to get to know who you are, so we truly understand your wedding day vision and can advocate for you effectively. We’ll scout your perfect venue, curate & manage your vendor team, oversee your budget, track your RSVP’s, build your welcome bags and even mediate when necessary. We are there to advise you through every step of the process and keep you on track, making planning your wedding simple, easy, and manageable!



We know first hand that the world of Pinterest can be pretty overwhelming, and how difficult it can be to navigate what you see on blogs and Instagram in search of your own wedding vision. When you do manage to find things that resonate, it can still be a struggle to make those styles feel like your own. To make sure we can design a wedding that feels authentic, we dive in deep and get to know you and your partner on a personal level. During our design meetings, we work with you to develop an overall style guide. We then pull from our own curated inventory of styling pieces, source additional props & décor, and collaborate with your vendors to bring your vision to life. The love you share with each other is beautiful, genuine, and yours. We are going to design a wedding to reflect that.



You deserve to be present and enjoying yourself to the fullest at your wedding. Through our hands-on approach, we gather every last detail, cross-check your planning, and tie up all the loose ends before the big day. We develop an organic timeline, confirm your vendors, and execute every detail so the wedding can run smoothly for you, your family and your guests. If any problems arise, we approach things proactively. We’re on it before you even know it and we’re always right behind you when you need us most— and, more importantly, to refill your drink!