I know that my wedding experience and actual wedding day would not have been the same without Caitlin and her team. Caitlin and her girls have such a calming and fun energy, they get the job done without you even realizing it! 

Caitlin is detailed oriented, has a serious eye for style and design, is so personable, and above all, she knows her brides and their vision. At the end of my reception, the first people I sought out to toast with were Caitlin and her team.

The only thing I would have changed would be getting in touch with Caitlin the day I got engaged. She makes you realize that weddings are supposed to be enjoyed and stress free, and with Clover, that's exactly how the day turns out.



Our wedding day was completely perfect and magical and we know that we owe nearly all of that to Caitlin and Clover Event Co. Leading up to our wedding she made us feel sane, telling us what order to do things in, giving the BEST vendor recommendations and always being available to answer any little question or give us a heads up about things to come. I loved our meetings and always left feeling great and even more excited about our big day.

When our wedding day arrived, Caitlin kept everything moving smoothly from our photos which we got through ALL of without a hitch, to our first look, and the flow of our band/reception.

Did I mention she also made all of our signage and styled all of our stuff beautifully? I don't know how she does it, but I can't recommend Clover Event Co. enough. They made our day!



FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY TO THE AISLE. I can say, and my wife would agree, that there is no wedding expense more worthwhile than Caitlin and her team at Clover Event Co. In our case, I believe their all inclusive package probably saved us as much money as we paid out to hire them. They are connected to an incredible network of experienced vendors and venues which makes choosing that much easier. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, if you're having a difference of opinion with your fiance, there is no better intermediary than having Caitlin assist. We recommend Clover any time we hear of anyone getting engaged. A complete wedding gamechanger.

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We hired Clover to do our day-of coordinating and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Our wedding turned out to better than anything we dreamed of and we owe that to Clover Event Co., Caitlin and her team kept us on track, kept us sane, and never made us feel like we were slackers, even though we totally were. I loved our meetings and always left feeling great, feeling reassured that we were on track, and felt even more excited about our big day. 

The best thing about Caitlin and her team though was that they were so calm about planning. She didn’t even get mad at me when I changed my mind about stuff super last minute, mainly because there just wasn’t time to get things done and such. 

I seriously can’t say enough positive things about how perfectly everything turned out. They made our day!



Our wedding would not have been the same without Clover Event Co. It is because of Caitlin's incredible eye for design, her infallible patience and impressive organizational skill that we had the most perfect day. She kept me moving during the entire planning process, handling everything from vendor relations and negotiations to timelines and decor lists. And when it came to the day of, I didn't have to think. She did the thinking for me. What a relief.

Choosing Caitlin and Clover Events was hands down the best decision we made.

If you are even at all on the fence - trust when I say, Clover Event's is worth their weight in gold. Caitlin is approachable, friendly, organized and detail oriented. She can create magic and what more can you ask for on your wedding day.



Second to saying yes to my (now) husband, hiring Caitlin and her team at Clover Event Co. was the best decision I made throughout the entire wedding planning process. We hired Caitlin for day of coordination about four months prior to our big day. While I’m a super organized, project manager for a living, I realized that as the bride, I couldn’t be in two places at once and needed some assistance for the day of and helping with logistics. 

During the wedding day, Caitlin and her team were beyond amazing. Everything was absolutely perfect. If something went wrong, we never saw it or even heard about it. We were able to really enjoy our day and not worry about a thing. Caitlin had everything taken care - down to keeping track of my lipstick and cell phone which I continued to move and leave in random places throughout the day/night. Clover Event Co. is truly invaluable and worth every single dollar. My only wish was that we hired her the day after we got engaged!



I was not a bride who had a vision or theme for our wedding when first planning it. Caitlin helped us build a beautiful, coordinated experience - from hotel bag and schedule printed designs, to a gorgeous key wall for our guests' seating assignments, to the flowers and decor that she helped direct with our florist. Not to mention, the Clover team picked up lunch for our bridesmaids and soft pretzels for all of our guests to enjoy on the buses back to the hotels from our venue. 

Caitlin is so professional when dealing with other vendors like our photographer, and so kind when dealing with family members who have questions and concerns on the big day. She's so versatile! 

Caitlin really goes above and beyond to make a wedding gorgeous and memorable. One meeting with Caitlin and hearing her immediate ideas for you, not to mention her sparkling personality, will convince you.